Lacklustre skin right now? You're not alone. Winter is often a time when our skin is a lot duller than normal (thanks, central heating) and what with having been inside for most of the last four weeks, you might have noticed your complexion duller than usual.

Dr Sophie Shotter of the Iluminate Skin Clinic in Kent explains how to keep our skin looking luminous, first up by extolling the benefits of at-home peels and facials, particularly the P eel 2 Glow peel , £7.98, which Sophie calls "the at-home version of having an in-clinic peel." It doesn't sting as much as an in-clinic peel, nor will it penetrate as deeply but it will take off the outer, dull layer of skin cells making your skin feel and look bouncy, hydrated and radiant.

Sophie also recommends the Exuviance Triple Microdermabrasion Polish , £49.50, a quick fix scrub with crystals and AHAs in it to give the skin a fast polish.

It's not just exfoliation that brings the glow, though. It also comes from hydration; drink plenty of water (eight glasses a day minimum) and take a collagen supplement. Sophie likes  Zenii's Skin Fusion , £85, to keep her skin healthy, hydrated and firm from the inside-out.

An omega 3 6 and 9  supplement helps with extra dry skin too, as does a ceramide moisturiser  – Sophie rates the Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore , £135, as an overnight mask.

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