Our home might be glowing with the festive twinkle of fairy lights, but the same can't be said for our skin. Post-Christmas cold weather coupled with overindulgence can make tour skin dull and spot-prone. In her latest video for Get The Gloss, glow specialist and aesthetic doctor Sophie Shotter, founder of Illuminate Skin Clinic in Kent, explains how to get your skin spark back

Take skin-boosting supplements

Dr Sophie Shotter drinks the  Zenii Skin Fusion supplement drink , £99.99, to support her skin. It includes everything your skin needs to create its own collagen ( marine collagen  and vitamin C, to name two). Taking this will result in your skin being bouncier, firmer and more radiant, Dr Sophie says.

Dr Sophie also recommends adding in the Pro-Luminous supplements  from Zenii, £50 for 60 capsules. They're full of antioxidants so will help to undo the effects of sugar on your skin (including breakouts).

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At-home peels

When she can't have an in-clinic treatment, Dr Sophie loves an at-home peel to restore glow to sallow skin. Peel 2 Glow , £7.98, gives smoother, more radiant skin. She also suggests the Skin Better Science AlphaRet Exfolating Peel Pads , POA, which can be used two or three times a week and contains retinol as well as AHAs, resulting in firmer, more even and radiant skin. These two actives are commonly advised not to be mixed, but in this formula it works, Sophie reassures.

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Overnight face masks

Sophie advises using an overnight hydrating mask as this is when we lose more water, so it's the time to lock it in. Choose an overnight facemask with ceramides and hyaluronic acid; Sophie likes the Institut Estherderm Intensive Hyaluronic Acid Mask , £30.95 The morning after using you'll wake up with skin feeling great.

She also rates the Medik8 HEO mask , £55, a two-step mask which has a hyaluronic acid infused gel and a ceramide-rich cream to prevent water loss. It garnered rave reviews from beauty editors when it launched and popularity hasn't waned, as it's currently out of stock everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for restocks.

SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore , £109.50, is another of Sophie's favourites, which is a rich cream that addresses dryness and dehydration. Expensive yes, but your skin will thank you.

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