The nail market has exploded. Previously, women would keep it neutral and nude during the week, a flirtatious red on the weekend and a touch of pink for holidays. Now, anything goes. It’s the new place where you can indulge in something crazy because you can simply take it off when you want to change it and vamp up different looks.

One recent invention is the Revlon Parfumerie , nail polishes that smell of the flavour they’re named. From Ginger Melon and Bordeaux to Espresso, Apricot Nectar and Orange Blossom, they cover everything. As soon as the product is applied to the nails, they instantly smell of their name. A clever innovation that all ages will love.

Revlon have also brought out two-sided Nail Art polishes . Nail Art has become popular and people are taking more time to decorate their nails, polka dots, floral, stripes, anything goes. These products give different features, such as shiny and matte for a matte black nail and shiny tip and top coats. Top coats are a great way of jazzing up a dull nail. They add glitz and shimmer and instantly take your nails to a new level with minimal effort.

One other way of adding glamour to your nails without much effort is with Ciate’s Shell Manicure polish . You paint on your base coats, leave it wet and then take the shells and pour them over your nail. The wet polish will catch any excess, while an accompanying tray and funnel will help you avoid wasting any shells.

Gel manicures have also become extremely popular, such as Shellac. Layers of nail polish are applied and set under a UV lamp, which lasts for two weeks without chipping. The disadvantages to gel manicures are that they can damage your nail if you try to take it off yourself and it is also difficult to change your nail varnish often. Now, you can get the gel effect yourself at home.

Alessandro international  provides a base coat, which you set under their UV lamp for 10 seconds. Next, you apply your selected shade and then put your nails under the lamp again. It also comes with a buffer and cleansing pads to prep your nails beforehand. This kit will save you a lot of money and trips to the salon!

Another ingenious gel manicure set is by Fuse Gelnamel . This also comes as a kit, with a buffer and base coat. There’s a selection of gorgeous colours to suit any look. You dry your nails under the UV lamp one-by-one, which switches off when your nail is dried. You can also flip the UV lamp to dry your toenails. Ah-mazing.

Model’s Own have also recently released their Polish For Tans colours . Their neon shades looks gorgeous against tanned skin and are the ultimate summer time polish. Though they do dry slightly matte, so a top coat is recommended to give a glossy finish.