If you’re an avid Lisa Eldridge  subscriber (if you’re not, you have a huge back catalogue of makeup expertise to discover), you’ll know the familiar feeling of excitement and fascination when a new video drops. Even better, then, if you can try her masterful makeup looks out for yourself, directly after watching, with no skill or actual makeup required. Sound a bit trippy? That’s new tech for you…

Lisa has teamed up with mobile app developer Meitu to create a virtual look for the company’s MakeupPlus app, which uses facial recognition technology to map user’s facial features so that they can ‘try on’ makeup in the tap of a finger, whether you want to dabble in a new lipstick or see how one of Lisa’s makeovers suits you (there’s more of these techy tutorials to come). Lisa’s pretty psyched about it, which is commendation enough for us:

“The first time I saw MakeupPlus I was blown away by the accuracy and precision of the technology and recreated looks. The ability to be able to instantly try on a new makeup look is revolutionary. It really brings the fun and experimental quality of makeup to life, you can lose yourself in this app and emerge feeling inspired to try new makeup ideas.”

Lisa’s first tutorial with MakeupPlus draws on Old Hollywood, Monroe-style glamour. Think huge lashes, elegant eyeliner, a flawless red lip and glowing, highlighted skin to keep everything modern. We say it suits everyone, but to see how it plays out for you you’ll have to download the app and try it for yourself. It’s free, and you’ll discover many more in-app tutorials, product recommendations and wisdom once you’re there. If you do try Lisa’s latest look, she’d love to see it- upload your picture to social media using the hashtags #MyLisaLook and #LisaxMakeupPlus. If you’re going out this weekend, it’s a no brainer beauty look, and all the better if you get the seal of approval from Lisa E herself.

You can download MakeupPlus and try on Lisa Eldridge’s makeup look  here .

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