70s makeup, the word ‘bombshell’ and Lisa Eldridge - it’s a keyword combination of dreams. And one that certainly caught the attention of the bevy of GTG writers that loyally follow the makeup artist’s YouTube channel.

Created in response to a surge of requests for the look on Instagram , the video provides a masterclass on all things glowy 70s makeup which can be adapted for a range of different skin tones.

Here are a few of the key learning points we took away from this new must-watch makeup tutorial to see you through party season and beyond.

1. Pick your bronzes carefully

The key to achieving this sunkissed look is to pick bronze colours that flatter your specific skin tone. If you have olive or dark skin and dark hair, Lisa recommends choosing browny bronzes, but if you have lighter skin and blonde hair (like the model in the video), try pinky or golden ones instead.

2. Leave out liner on the upper lids

You’re not looking to create a winged effect here, but rather an extension of your natural eye shape. Achieve the look by mixing a combination of eyeshadows, blending a darker shade on the outer edge and underneath the eye. Keep the liner to your lower lash line, using a kohl to further enhance the shape.

3. Use damp and dry makeup brushes…

...when it comes to your eyeshadow. By using a damp brush to apply a shimmery shade to the middle of the eyelid and a dry brush to add a touch of light to the inner corner of the eye, you’ll create a multi-dimensional sheen that takes the glow factor up a notch.

4. Mix your blushers and bronzers together

This will provide the glowy, bronzy and peachy glow you’re aiming for. Lisa uses two shades of blusher combined with a warmer contour powder and applies the combination to cheeks and temples.

Once you’re done with your eyeshadow, Lisa recommends going back in and applying a bronzer or contour powder over the edges and blending it to the corner of the nose and temple to pull the look together.

5. Keep lips simple

This look is all about the eyes, so keep lipstick pared back to avoid too much conflict. A 70s café au lait colour will do just the trick.

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