Beauty is on the cusp of being brought into the digital era, thanks to an industry-changing invention from Mink that allows you to print your own makeup at home.

“It can take any image and instantly transform it into a wearable cosmetic. Turning any phone, laptop or camera into an endless beauty aisle,” said creator and Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi about the Makeup Printer.

The demonstration blew the TechCrunch audience away as they watched in awed silence as Grace simply clicked, copied, pasted and printed her own pink eyeshadow from a Michelle Phan YouTube Tutorial. It acts in the same way as a standard inkjet printer does and requires no additional software.

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Retailing at about $300, it sounds like a lot of money - but when we think about the total that we’ve spent over the years on makeup, it could actually be worth the investment.

So what was the thinking behind the innovation? As the straight-talking inventor put it, “The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of bullshit and they do this by charging a huge premium on one thing that technology provides for free. And that one thing is colour.”

She adds, “Mink gives you the selection of prestige and combines it with convenience of mass. As a matter of fact, I’m beating the selection of prestige because I’m giving you the selection of the internet and beating the convenience of mass because I’m giving you the convenience of your own freakin’ house.”

What will this mean for brands, the technology industry and the way that we buy and purchase our beauty products? There are still a lot more questions to be addressed and we for one can’t wait to find out how they get answered. Watch the video and prepare yourself for some blunt beauty talk from the future beauty mogul.

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