It’s not often you get two mega makeup artists in one room, let alone on one sofa. In our latest video, Susannah, Editor-at-Large at Get The Gloss, is sandwiched between two incredible makeup legends – Trish McEvoy (who is celebrating 20 years of her product line in Harvey Nichols), and world-famous makeup artist Ruby Hammer . They have come together to solve your most common (and annoying) beauty conundrums from dark circles, to spots, eyebrow issues and everything in between. Here’s their expert advice:

How to disguise under-eye bags

First off Susannah quizzes them about under eye bags and how to minimise their appearance. Trish recommends that you don’t go for too much of a light colour as this will highlight the area, whilst Ruby suggests applying concealer on the puffy area itself and not all over the eye which could leave you with bright panda eyes.

How to cover dark circles

Due to the grey element to dark circles  it’s important not to just use a concealer straight on top as this can then make the area look grey. Trish suggests using a warm toned concealer first to counteract the grey before adding a concealer on top.

How to disguise eye tiredness

Whether you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, have a new baby or are working too hard and are super tired, Susannah asks how to make your eyes look more awake . Trish McEvoy says that it’s important to hydrate the skin around the eye before anything and Ruby agrees. Firstly she would use Imidazyl eyedrops which she gets from Italy. She then suggests drinking water and hydrating the skin with Trish McEvoy Triangle of Light eye patches, £56.

How to make tired skin glow - fast

Ruby says you have to think “Short term, mid term and long term.” She says you have to have a great skincare regime  in place long term; mid-term it’s about products too, but short term or in an emergency you should exfoliate to waken the skin and then hydrate with a good moisturiser. Trish suggests using her Liquid Face Colour, £27  on the cheeks which she says will look like you’ve been on a brisk walk.

How to create fuller, natural brows

“Brows are very important,” says Trish, “They frame the eye.” Ruby suggests using Trish’s Brow Mascara £28 , to define and hold brows in place. She stresses that we shouldn’t neglect this very key feature on our face.

How to cover a nasty spot

Ruby says firstly try not to panic. Secondly to put some ice on the spot to bring the inflammation down. With regards to a cover-up product she says you need a product that has a bit of weight to it, but also to forget about it and build your other features - perhaps wear a bright red lipstick to distract from the spot.

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