Father Time catches up with us all in the end - but here are the must-have beauty products that promise to hold him off for that little bit longer

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I used to think lines and wrinkles were things that happened to other people – like putting on weight and getting backache (how wrong I was!). In those days I had a different skin problem to worry about: terrible acne in my early twenties made me appreciate the flawless skin a six month course of Roaccutane  gave me. I literally woke up one morning to find my complexion as smooth and unblemished as a new peach. As I got older, Father Time with his ruthless tread seemed to be passing me over. Ageing wasn’t happening to me - in spite of taunting him by putting my face in the sun at every opportunity. Until very recently my skin had no lines, no sagging, no discolouration. I thought perhaps Roaccutane was an anti-ageing drug too , yet to be discovered.

Then I hit 44 and gravity started pulling on my skin in the same way it pulls on everyone else’s. Father Time hadn’t forgotten me after all and his tread was just as heavy! But I’m determined to fight him off for as long as possible and I’m delighted to announce that I have found two weapons that will allow me – and you – to hold back the years a little longer.

Nu Skin’s Ageloc Galvanic Spa  is a spa treatment safe enough to use at home. It’s a little messy and time consuming for those who like to shower and go, but it really works so it’s worth putting aside a few extra minutes twice a week for instant and lasting results. It uses two gels, one after the other with a hand-held device which you gently massage over your face for three minutes each time. It emits energy pulses which push the products deeper into your skin.

The first ‘negative’ gel cleans out toxins, the second ‘positive’ gel stimulates the skin cells in order to produce collagen and lifts the skin with a galvanic current. It’s really very simple. I noticed the difference in my skin the morning after using it for the first time. I liked what I saw so I have stuck with it and the six minutes (three for each gel) it takes me twice a week has become part of my bathing ritual. My skin is more radiant, even and the lines that were beginning to appear have retreated again. You can sign up on the website and they send you gels every month so you don’t have to bother.

The gadget is expensive at £280.10 but I look on it as an investment – no amount of beautiful clothes will distract from a wrinkly face! If your skin’s lovely you can wear jeans and a t-shirt and look gorgeous. The gels are £119 for three boxes, which is six weeks worth of treatment (if you sign up and become a member you get a discount). I’m now going to look into their other products – the Galvanic Spa is that good!

Moving on to a temporary but brilliant beauty must-have: Realine frown line patches  by Realine Beauty, £28 per box of 30 patches. When I heard about this wonder tape that you wear all night and take off in the morning to reveal a line-free forehead, I was immediately sceptical. After all, how often have I bought products that promise miracles only to wish I hadn’t been so gullible and wasted my money? Well, here is a miracle for the modern world. One that keeps its promises and leaves you with total customer satisfaction! A little magic that lasts a day, delivered by a fairy godmother who understands that we want smooth foreheads without the freezing and obvious effects of Botox.

It’s safe, easy to use and mightily effective. A small, transparent piece of tape that erases traces of anxiety, anger and age and makes us look (and feel) blissfully happy. The only question I have to ask is, why on earth haven’t they made a patch for the entire face?