Comment for your chance to win a one-on-one online consultation with our GTG health and beauty experts this Valentine's Day

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Forget roses, chocolate selection boxes and expensive set menus - we here at GTG have an altogether different Valentine’s proposition for you. Throughout the day on Friday 14th February we are giving you the chance to ‘speed date’ our experts. From diet tips to make-up tricks to skin-saving secrets, you can win the chance to speak to our experts in one-on-one chat sessions, live on site. Peruse the seductive list of experts below and simply register or log in to tell us whom you would like to win a consultation with and why in the comment box below. There are four consultations to be won per expert and winners will be contacted on Thursday 13th. Happy bidding!

Andreas Wild, John Frieda senior stylist, live on site 10am-11am

Few would turn down a ‘Wild’ date; and we’re giving four readers a chance to win one this Valentine’s Day. So good is the ‘Wild’ experience and expertise that clients fly in from Jersey and Berlin to experience a slice of his magic cutting skills and wicked sense of humour. With impeccable taste, Wild is also an excellent judge of pinpointing your character and lifestyle, enabling him effortlessly to advise on your perfect hairstyle. From bed head to blow dry, Andreas  will have you ready for the ball (or bar) in no time.

Karen-Cummings Palmer, health and nutrition expert, live on site 11am-12pm

Whether you’ve fallen out of love with your diet or need to restore some harmony to your lifestyle, Karen  will be on hand to offer her much sought-after help and guidance to four lucky readers. She specialises in weight loss, looking great at any age, tackling problem skin and increasing overall energy and immunity levels. Calm and understanding by nature, her friendly demeanour makes it easy to open up about any worries that may be impacting on your physical, mental or emotional health, allowing her to do what she does best - to help you feel better equipped to deal with the demands of daily life in the long-term. You’ll have that loving feeling back in no time.

Daniel Sandler, make-up artist, live on site 12pm-1pm

For date-night make-up, come straight to Daniel . Daniel's priority is to make women of all ages look like the best versions of themselves, using shades and formulas that suit the individual. He believes women only need to use a handful of products that truly deliver in order to achieve a refined and radiant look, and his commitment to making everyone from supermodel to new mum feel their best is exceptional. His tricks and cosmetic wisdom are second to none (you need only to glance at his amazing eyelashes to see that this man knows a thing or two about the powers of subtle grooming). To learn the art of natural, nonchalant yet romantic beauty, bid below for a personal consultation with the make-up master himself.

Dalton Wong, fitness expert and personal trainer, live on site 3pm-4pm

There are personal trainers, and then there's Dalton Wong . Sure, he's trained an X-Man or two. Our favourite funny girl and Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence has him on speed-dial and Amanda Seyfried counts on him to keep her trim, while hunks worldwide turn to him to get fighting fit for modelling jobs and acting roles. Yet, despite his superhuman skills when it comes to getting clients into shape, it's his holistic methods and 360° approach to health and wellbeing that really set him apart from the competition. A speed-date with Dalton will have you feeling fit and foxy in no time - tell us why you’d love to win a chat session with him below.

Dr Sam Bunting, cosmetic dermatologist, live on site 4pm-5pm

One of the few cosmetic dermatologists who bridges the gap between medical dermatology and mainstream beauty, Bunting  takes a softly-softly approach to issues such as adult acne and facial rejuvenation. Her advice is golden and her dedication to great skin is unfaltering. Sensitive, intelligent and kind, you couldn’t ask for a better ‘speed date’.

Log in  or  register  to leave your comment below with the name of the expert you'd like a speed dating session with and why. Good luck!