A new study has found that daily use of sunscreen could prevent the signs of ageing, writes Judy Johnson

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A new study has proven for the first time that one of the best anti-ageing products out there really is sun cream. We all know the effects that the sun can have on our skin, from unwanted pigmentation  to the far more dangerous skin cancer, but this study confirms what we have suspected and have been told by dermatologists for some time; protection your skin from the sun will stave off those pesky wrinkles.

The study, conducted by Dr Adele Green from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research and her colleagues, looked at the data from 903 adults younger than 55 who were studied between 1992 and 1996. While half of them were instructed to use an SPF15 or higher on their head, neck, arms and hands every day, and to reapply as necessary, the others used sun cream as and when they felt the need.

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Using silicone moulds of the back of each person's hand to measure photoageing at the beginning and end of the study, they found that there were no changes in the condition of the skin of those who wore the broad spectrum sunscreen (which protects against both UVA and UVB rays) every day. The group were also 24% less likely to show any increased ageing than those who wore sunscreen less often. Previous research has often been done using mice, but this is the first piece of research to show a physical effect on the skin of using sunscreen.

Though the dangers of skin cancer were more than enough to encourage us to slather on the sunscreen before, this latest study is all the ammunition we need to ensure we use a daily dose of SPF come rain or shine - and with this week's weather finally showing signs of summer we'll be needing it more than ever...

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