Because why should (wo)man's best friend be left out of pamper sessions?

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Written in partnership with Faith In Nature 

If you're anything like us, the most pampering your dog receives might be a once over with a baby shampoo if they're rolled in something... unsavoury. But we got to thinking. We love our self-care Sundays so much, why shouldn't our dogs get involved in the magic too?

Enter Faith In Nature's dog shampoo, available in both bottles and bars and five-litre refills for your eco-conscious furry friends. It turns tub time from a chore to a treat for even the most bath-averse dogs. The products are pH-balanced for dogs and formulated with vitamin E for a healthy, shiny coat, so your pooch looks their shiny best.

Faith In Nature is known for its natural, cruelty-free and vegan products and this extends into the pet range, with formulas designed to care for them and the planet too. The Faith In Nature liquid dog shampoo comes in three fragrances; coconut, lavender and chamomile, while the shampoo bar comes in coconut.

The refills , £50 for five litres, are particularly handy for reducing plastic waste, plus you save money compared to if you're buying several plastic bottles.

What's the Faith In Nature dog shampoo like?

We asked GTG contributor Angelica Maxwell and her 13-year-old terrier to give the shampoos a whirl after a particularly muddy stroll. Angelica and Piper tried all of the different scents but liked the coconut one best. "The shampoo got nice and foamy while we were scrubbing her down, so it felt like it was doing a good job," Angelica said.

Which Faith In Nature dog shampoo is right for my dog?

For sensitive dogs: Chamomile Dog Shampoo, £5.79 for 400ml

Chamomile Dog shampoo is best suited for sensitive dogs and puppies. It's pH-balanced to be gentle on your dog's skin. It's a mild shampoo that contains calming chamomile essential oils to gently cleanse even the most delicate of dogs.

For curly coats: Coconut Dog Shampoo, £5.79 for 400ml

If your dog is prone to knots (us too!) try this tropically scented shampoo, made with organic coconut oil to deliver natural detangling and hydration, ideal for tangly coats. This was Piper's favourite of the selection! Plus, it's also available as a plastic-free shampoo bar , £5.79.

For dirt-prone dogs: Lavender Dog Shampoo, £5.79 for 400ml

We all know a dog who can't keep out of puddles, and this is designed for them, offering deep cleansing for the messiest, muddiest of dogs. It deeply cleanses and deodorises the muckiest of pups. Nothing they've rolled in stands a chance with this.

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