Wedding season is here and whether you’re going as a guest or it’s your big day, we have got wedding hairstyles to suit every hair length and texture

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Wedding season is upon us and with that comes new outfits, location logistics and perhaps most importantly, wedding hairstyles to figure out. Whatever look you opt for you know it has to last from early morning to late evening, not to mention survive the dance floor. Hairstylist and founder of Spectrum One Hair Extensions, Katy Grimshaw has some  advice  on wedding hairstyles.

“I always say to my clients that the most important aspect of their wedding hairstyle is that it feels comfortable. If you are constantly having to move hair out of your eyes or checking to feel if it feels secure then you’re missing out on important moments of the day.”

But how to choose the best wedding hairstyle for your hair length and hair texture? Grimshaw has these tips.

  • Think a year ahead. “This is more relevant to brides, or maybe super enthusiastic bridesmaids, but if you have a year to prep for the wedding then think about what you want your hair to look like 12 months on. If you always thought you’d have longer hair for your wedding - now is the time to start growing it. If you always imagined a different colour for your big day - now is the time to start talking and planning with you colourist so you can chart your colour transformation over the next 12 months.”
  • You do you. “If you never wear your hair up then do you really want your wedding day to be the first time to do that? You should still look like you on your wedding day, just the best, most polished version of you. So if you always wear your hair down, find a wedding hairstyle that lets you wear your hair down. This will also help you feel your most comfortable on the day.”
  • Consider the dress. “Whether you’re a guest, part of the wedding party or the bride, your wedding hairstyle needs to work with your outfit. Think about where the neckline sits or if there’s anything happening at the back. If a hair stylist is doing your hair then the sooner you can show them pictures of your outfit, the better.”
  • What about accessories? “Veils, hats, hair accessories - I love them all but wearing one may require a little tweak to your hairstyle to accommodate it so try and make the decision as soon as possible and then tell your stylist.”
  • Invisible extensions. “Weddings are one of those occasions where people who may never have considered extensions before might think about giving them a go. Not only do they make your hair look fuller and longer, but for certain wedding hairstyles, extensions or hair pieces make them a viable option as you may need more hair to create the fullness of an up do or chignon. There are lots of hair extension options so chat to your stylist to work out the best type for you.”

15 of the best wedding hairstyles for every hair length and texture

1. Floral twist

A great option for all hair lengths as it doesn’t rely on having long hair to make it work. It’s a chunky twist that allows for flowers or accessories to be pinned into the hair. And by adding a tousle through the length it softens the whole look for a more boho feel. A conical wand is useful for this type of look - Babyliss Pro Titanium Expression Large Conical Wand, £65 is a fab option.

2. Classic chignon

If getting your hair off your neck is a priority then you can’t go wrong with a chignon tied at the nape. You do need a bit of length to be able to get the folds so you may need to use some pieces to give you extra bulk. Hairspray will be your absolute friend for this look. L’Oréal Paris Elnett Hairspray, £7.50 will keep hair secure without feeling sticky.

3. Face framer

Keeping some fairly chunky pieces at the front if a great way to frame your face if you’re wearing a veil or headpiece. You can easily add a slight bend with a chunky tong such as the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong, £149, which is a GTG favourite.

4. Statement side sweep

If you’re sporting a classic bob for a wedding then while you are slightly limited in terms of updos you can still make your style look different to your day-to-day look. Create a deep side parting and then a hair accessory on the ‘shorter’ side.

5. Pulled out pony

This is one of those styles that look much harder to do than it really is. Simply pull the top half of hair into a ponytail, securing with a clear small hairband - Kitsch No Snag Elastics, £3 are good - then tie another two or three bands at evenly spaced gaps down the length of the ponytail. Next, gently pull down the top band so the hair isn’t too tight and allows the hair to sit slightly flatter on the head. Then gently tease the hair out from each band to create the volume between each band.

6. Wrap round pony

A classic style that works for whatever type of wedding you’re going to or having. Keeping a section of hair on each side out, secure the rest of the hair into a pony just above the nape of the neck. Then take each section of hair and wrap them round the band and pin into the ponytail to keep the look feeling secure.

7. Half-up curls

When you’ve got such an amazing texture to your hair then make sure it’s the star of the show. However, if you want to wear a veil or headpiece then you may need something to grip it into, which is where a half-up style comes in handy. Plus if you’re worried about getting hot and sweaty then by taking some of the weight of your hair up will definitely help.

8. Elegant top knot

Much like the chignon, you do need some length and volume to create this look and make it look full so you may need to add some hair pieces but it is worth it as it’s such a classic look that’s not too fussy but still makes a statement. If you’re wearing a veil you can place it underneath the bun. Or you can do as they’ve done here and add some simple pearl adorned pins for some seriously chic detail.

9. Slick statement

Proving that a sleek and shiny bob can still make a serious statement. If you have shorter hair then look for an oversized hair accessory and then you don’t have to think about your hair all day. This Asos Padded Headband, £13 looks super luxe but has a bargain price tag. 

10. Hollywood waves

Are these not just the perfect waves? While it looks quite simple it does take some practising to get the waves just the right level of bend and not looking too curly or ringlety. Ghd Creative Curl Wand, £149  is a great hair tool for this look as the slightly flatter sides create just the right amount of curl and bend. And we love the placement of a simple hair slide which serves almost like jewellery for the look.

11. Natural coils

Again, if you have amazing coils or kinks then keep things natural and show them off! We love how the flower crown here sit just above the widest point of the hair to frame the shape.

12. Long and flowing

If you always wear your hair down then it makes sense to do the same for a big occasion. Of course, adding in some texture and movement will add a bit more interest and create a style to your long hair but don’t feel pressurised into wearing your hair up or in a style that you wouldn’t normally sport.

13. Fishtail and fabulous

Fishtail plaits are arguably one of the easiest plaits to do, but look like they should be the hardest. If you’ve never tried one then all you need to do is split the hair you’re braiding in half and then take a small section of hair from the left and add to the right. Then take a small piece of hair from the right and add to the left. Keep repeating the process and then you will see a fishtail plait start to form. We love how this plait has then been incorporated as part of a regular three-strand plait.

14. Straight and sleek

Sometimes simplicity is best. Not only because it looks great but fussy hairdofs can feel uncomfortable and have you worried about how they look all day and night. If you have bob length or shorter then make sure you have a trim booked in a week before the big day so that your shape is super sharp so that if you are wearing it down with no adornment or movement in it it looks slick.

15. Mid-length movement

If your hair is mid-length you have the perfect length for getting some really good movement and texture in it that will stay put all day (longer hair can tend to weigh the hair down so you may lose shape as the day progresses). Make sure you prep the hair really well with L’Oréal Professional Pli, £16.20- we’ve waxed lyrical before about this as it preps hair, gives hold and creates lovely movement.