It’s not a candle, it’s not a diffuser - Rituals Perfume Genie is a whole new concept in fragrance that allows you to scent your home while you’re still on the bus and wind down as soon as you get in

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It may look like a chic gold ornament (and it is that) but the Rituals Perfume Genie  is far smarter than it initially lets on. If your usual route to wafting scent around your home is a candle, a spray or a traditional reed diffuser, Genie will change that game completely. Know someone who's in need of a chill out session, stat? It's also a beautiful tool with which to create a wake-up or wind-down routine that'll relax the senses at the tap of an app. Here's why it'll go down such a storm as a Christmas gift with a difference...

It creates a cosy vibe before you get home

Want to walk into a chilled cherry blossom scented living room or turn a bathroom into a fragrant hammam as soon as you get through the door? Perfume Genie at your service - you can schedule it to turn on at any time you please via the Perfume Genie smartphone app, which also takes into account the size of the room you’re scenting to ensure that the fragrance of your choice is perfectly dispersed. If you prefer a lighter touch or want to up the perfume ante for a party, however, a single swipe of the app can take care of that too…

You choose the intensity

There are five different fragrance cartridges to add to the Genie, taking in aromatherapeutic blends from all over the globe, and the simple slide of a dial on the Perfume Genie app allows you to change up the fragrance strength as you see fit. Genie-us. If you know that someone on your gift list could do with a moment's peace the Ritual of Dao cartridge will fill the room with light, bright white lotus, while the Ritual of Happy Buddha is a zesty orange and cedar wood combination that will help to boost energy levels. Choose your cartridge on a prescription basis depending on what you think your giftee needs most, whether it's space to breathe or a pick me up.

It lasts for 21 hours

One full charge is enough for the wireless Perfume Genie to diffuse fragrance for 21 hours, catering for pretty much every occasion imaginable. If you want to create atmosphere for an all-day Christmas do or soothe everyone's senses the morning after, it’s got both covered.

It works if they’re on a tech break too

If you don’t fancy being tethered to your phone over the Christmas break, or you know that the person you have in mind to give it to is a bit of a tech-phobe, you can control the Perfume Genie directly via an on/off switch. Your call but either way it offers up a modern wind down ritual and you needn’t worry whether you’ve left it burning or not…

Buy the Rituals Perfume Genie , £99, to gift or to keep together with your favourite  Rituals fragrance , £35

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