A new study shows that more and more of us are unwilling to go filter-free

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Are you a Mayfair, Valencia or Walden type of girl? According to new research from Olay , two thirds of women say that they feel negative about pictures of themselves before a photographic filter has been applied to them.

With women spending an entire month of their lives snapping selfies , it seems that we’re taking full advantage of the technological tools at our fingertips to enhance and manipulate the images we capture. Whether via our smartphones or our Instagram accounts, is the endless list of feature-flattering apps on our iPhones affecting our confidence to go filter-free? With women confessing that they felt exposed and unattractive before a filter was applied, the answer looks like a worrying yes.

That said, 78% said that they were less likely to use a filter on a ‘good skin day.' The women surveyed claimed that the most important change a filter makes to a selfie is to hide flaws and wrinkles, or to achieve a better skin tone. Therefore, follow a few easy yet effective skincare and makeup tricks to master this season's trends of no makeup makeup , CC creams  and BB creams you'll be one step closer to going filter-free for good.

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