Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee, has just launched her own range: AERIN, the perfect capsule make-up collection for busy modern women. Here, she talks to Susannah Taylor about being a working mother and growing her beauty and lifestyle empire

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On the Aerin brand...

GTG How did you come up with the idea for Aerin the brand?
AL When I was creative director of Estee Lauder, I was always asked about my "no make-up look" and the items I can’t live without, and so I had this idea about doing an edited capsule collection based on that philosophy

GTG I love all the modern textures, so light and easy to to use...
AL Yes, someone said to me today that you could even apply them without looking in the mirror, which is true. The bronzer (Pretty Bronze Illuminating Powder, £34, pictured right) is really sheer - it comes in two shades - and the compact foundation is buildable, so you can use it as a concealer/ foundation. The Multi Color for Lips and Cheeks is a wonderful, perfect neutral.

GTG If you had one back-of-the-cab product what would it be?
AL The compact foundation because it comes with a brush and you can finish your face, and even your skin tone out.  The Lip Conditioner is great too as it keeps lips moist and has just a touch of colour.

GTG How does the packaging reflect you as a person?
AL It really reflects my love of colour, interiors, fashion and accessories. The compacts themselves are a gold-dipped linen, and the pattern on the tubes and make-up bag is a vintage batik.

Multicolor for Lips and Cheeks in Natural, £30; Rose Hand and Body Cream, £36; Rose Lip Conditioner in Nude, £20; Blush in Innocence and Highlighter in Innuendo), £45

GTG Are you going into other lifestyle areas with the Aerin brand?
AL Yes, interiors: candles and objects and vases, which will be available before Christmas.

GTG If you were to predict what you will be creating for next spring, what would you do?
AL For spring, I love all the colour -  I loved the green eyeliner at Michael Kors and the neon lip at Missoni  worn with very naked skin - a pop of unexpected pretty colour looks very modern.

On family life...

GTG You have two boys, aged 11 and 13 - how do you find juggling all this with family life?  
AL It’s a lot  - I’m actually just thinking in my head that my son has a football game tonight and he needs to be picked up and have I remembered to tell the school if he’s going to take the bus home or not? There’s always something on my mind. I think that’s another reason why this edited collection is such a wonderful treat  - it’s just one less thing for you to think about.

GTG Do you put aside time to relax?
AL The weekends and vacations for me are very much family time and downtime. I never make weekend plans, I never make dinner plans. I always decide with the children what we want to do at the very last minute. I also make sure that during the week I always have a few nights that are quiet at home. There are certain people who just go and go and go and I’m not like that. You can’t if you’re working and travelling - you need that time with the kids.

On her home...

GTG Do you have a dressing table yourself?
AL Not necessarily - I have a dressing room and a beautiful white linen dresser where I keep all my jewellery and beauty items and a candle.

GTG When it comes to interiors, how would you describe your own style?
AL I love comfortable, luxurious furniture, like a velvet couch or comfortable pillows. I think a room should feel inviting, even if it's modern. I love texture and playing with proportion: I think low couches and coffee tables are very inviting and create a warm atmosphere.

GTG Are there any interiors designers you love? 
AL I love Jacques Grange, I think he’s so talented, and I love Axel Vervoordt, his work is beautiful - my house in Aspen was very much inspired by his sensibility: natural woods, and plaster walls, beautifully minimal. My own interiors are much more like the Jacques Range sensibility - my office and my apartment are warm colours, all browns and golds and greens.

GTG How does your love of interiors cross over with beauty?
AL All the different elements of home are translated into the beauty as well, so it's neutrals for autumn, and for holiday its all iridescent which is what we’re doing for home - beautiful gold objects for Christmas, and then in spring/ summer we’re going into the world of shells.

Brush Essentials (including Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Bronzer Brush, Highlighter Brush and Lip Brush in an AERIN signature patterned bag), £120. Still life by Ian Skelton.

GTG Do you have a treasured beauty possession?
AL I do have a beautiful old feminine mirror of my grandmother's that I love - it’s a beautiful gold and silver mirror with a basket weave on one side - she had about four or five of them that she used to keep in her different handbags.

On the internet...

GTG What about the internet - is that something that you embrace?
AL I think it’s an amazing source of inspiration, an amazing way to reach a lot of people. I love Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook. I feel the world is so visual now and going on to a website tells you so much about a brand. I have a  Pinterest page  too.

GTG Do you have any favourite websites?
AL I love , I love  and  for clothes.

On salon treatments...

GTG Do you go for regular beauty treatments?
AL I always go for a manicure and pedicure once a week and a massage if I’m really achy or tired and every six weeks i try to go to see Tracey Martyn in NY who is really, really good and you can really see a difference afterwards. I get my hair highlighted and cut and coloured at Kenneth’s Salon.

On fashion

GTG You obviously love fashion, who are your  favourite designers?
AL I love Stella McCartney, Michael Kors, Proenza Schoulder, and Erdem is absolutely beautiful - the spring collection was beautiful those strange orange and pinks. I also am a big jewellery fan (GTG and Aerin bond over their gold charm bracelets).

GTG What about shoes?
AL I love Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Repetto, and K Jacques for summer staples.

Aerin beauty products are available at  and will be available at John Lewis next year. Aerin’s interiors range will become available from November this year