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An Email Exchange with... Lola Lui of Lola’s Apothecary

January 12th 2016 / Judy Johnson Google+ Judy Johnson / 1 comment


We caught up with the co-founder of natural beauty brand, Lola's Apothecary to find out how she approaches life, lay-ins and lunches...

Lola Lui is co-founder of Lola’s Apothecary, a beautiful holistic brand originally created in London. The handmade range brings fine fragrance and natural ingredients together in sophisticated, chic packaging - a true treat for all the senses and particularly good for the ingredient-conscious beauty consumer, as all products are free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, sulphates and parabens.

So does the owner of a natural beauty and wellness brand practice what she preaches? We took five and emailed Lola to find out how she starts her day, her approach to work and much, much more…


GTG: Hit the snooze button or up-and-at-em?

LL: Morning makes day, I like waking up slowly and don’t use an alarm unless absolutely necessary.

GTG: What does your company do in under ten words?

Create beauty & wellness wonders that compliments a vivid life.

GTG: Best piece of work advice you ever had?

Work-life balance. Success is meaningless if you don’t have health to enjoy it.

GTG: Name three things in your working week you love doing?

Dreaming up new ideas, connecting with people, dancing in the office.

GTG: What are the 3 things you do every day before breakfast?

Snuggle with the little beasts, shower, check emails.

GTG: What do you love about your job?

I get to utilise my various interests, be endlessly creative, and make people feel better in small ways.


GTG: What’s cooking for work lunch?

Usually last night’s leftovers.

GTG: How do you stay organised?

(Too many) to-do lists filtered down to a priority list for each day.

GTG: Describe your working style in 3 words?

Soft, boho, tailored (thanks to my super smart and talented friend, lawyer and seamstress, Sabrina Lee).

GTG: Typical work attire?

I swan around the office like a ballerina - pastel shades, comfortable layers, tights and leg warmers, tutu too if I’m feeling romantic. I’m dressed for stretching and dancing during work breaks.

GTG: Heels or flats, and why?

Mostly wellies actually, I live on a farm! I love heels but it’s so not elegant to be limping in them. So flats and boots if I’m running around town, heels if I’m attending events in the evening.

GTG: Worst job you ever had?

Waitressing in a cafe. For some reason gloves were not allowed in the kitchen, a combination of detergents and hot water caused my sensitive skin to blow up in a rash. My lobster appearance scared the customers, needless to say I didn’t last long. The coffee machine was fun though.

Notepad or iNotes?

Both, notes everywhere!

Yoga, Pilates or HIIT and why?

Yoga. Stretching and breathing keeps me centred and feeling graceful in my body.

Follow Lola on Twitter @LolasApothecary

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