Elle Macpherson, Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts, Sharon Stone, Thandie Newton, Cat Deeley and Davina McCall reveal how they stay picture perfect (DO try this at home!)

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There are few things more annoying than asking a celebrity what their beauty secret is and getting the dismally uninteresting and uninspiring reply, "Lots of sleep and water". While I admit those two components are essential to looking and feeling your best, we all know it and, let’s be honest here, there are some celebrities who drink vodka and party all night and still look hot. So having asked that question of endless celebrities over the years here are the best answers I've been given.

Elle Macpherson

"I honestly think that a good old rough mitt from Boots is the best exfoliation there is. I just use it with any shower gel in the shower every day." 

I love this tip because straight after hearing it I went out, bought one and she’s right, an exfoliating glove or mitt will turn any non-drying superfatted soap (ie, Dove Sensitive) or shower gel into a full on hammam-inspired skin ritual. In fact the best mitts are the ones that you take away from a hammam treatment, but I am happy to pilfer the complimentary mitts found in upmarket spas and hotel rooms.

Naomi Watts

"I have just discovered the Clarisonic ace brush, well actually I stole it from my husband Liv, and it’s brilliant."

What I like about Naomi Watts is that she is a no-nonsense, minimal effort, maximum results woman with beautifully clear skin. But when she tells you that her skin clean secret is an ultrasonic cleansing brush you have to take note. I too have tried the Clarisonic and agree that it works brilliantly at deep cleansing skin to prevent eruptions and that dull, pallid greyness that can come over even the healthiest faces at this time of year.

Cat Deeley

"My fridge is full of SKII cloth face masks. After a flight when my skin is dehydrated and puffy, if you keep them in the fridge then it wakes me up and rehydrates and tightens my skin. I look a little like Hannibal Lector but they work."

She’s right, the combination of the cool temperature and the soothing, hydrating moisturisers in the fabric mask will soften fine lines and shrink bag under eye bags.

Davina McCall

"I had this laser IPL treatment on my neck and chest with Frances Prenna Jones and bam, now I have the skin back that I had when I was in my twenties, it’s brilliant."

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is the gold standard treatment for tackling pigmentation and redness and, in the process, helps boost collagen production, so will also tackle those annoying fine lines that you get vertically down your chest and between your breasts from sleeping.

Sharon Stone

"The secret to looking good and getting rid of cellulite is pink up lighting."

This might sound throwaway, but it’s true. If you want to feel confident in your own bedroom and bathroom then never stand under overhead lights and always choose soft, creamy uplighting. Just ask the clever people who designed the lighting in Heidi Klein’s swimwear store; they got it just right.

Eva Longoria

"The best place to pluck your eyebrows is at 30,000 feet on a plane."

She added soon after, "well actually it’s after a shower", which is technically true as the heat opens your pores to make it less painful. But if you want the cruellest, brightest most unforgiving light, then push up that window shade and start plucking.

Thandie Newton

"I add a sprinkle of turmeric to my foundation if it’s too pink for my skin. Its gives a yellow tone to bases and is an anti-inflammatory."

Try it, it works. Most women actually have a yellow, not a pink, tone to their skins, but any woman of colour could find that this works a treat if you get your foundation home and it looks too sickly pink on your skin.