Crystals to surround yourself with to make your workspace better

After long months working from home and with a return to the office on the horizon, it's only natural to be feeling a little unsure or even demotivated. If you've been going in to work throughout the pandemic, your space may well have become more sanitised than before and may feel very impersonal. To inject a new burst of energy to your desk and make it feel a little more welcoming try crystals, says author and crystal expert Katia Narain Phillips.

Katia is co-author of Self Care for the Real World , Rituals for Every Day  and Self Care for Self-Isolation , and believes that by utilising the right crystals we can change our mindset and the direction of our day. Katia wrote the books with her sister Nadia Narain, who is a yoga teacher at London yoga studios triyoga. Katia ran the Nectar Cafe at the venue, where her crystals, such as great hunks of rose quartz, could be seen 'energising' huge vats of drinking water.

How to use crystals

"There a few ways you can use crystals," Katia explains. "You can sit with them and hold them. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and set your intentions.

"With smaller crystals, you can pop them in your bra or your pocket or sleep with it under your pillow. Alternatively, keep them on your shelves or somewhere you can look at them and give them attention, or you can meditate with them," she suggests.

"In the cafe, we would charge out water with crystals. We'd leave water in big jars with crystals in overnight and then drink the charged water to utilise their power."

Which crystals are best for manifesting your goals and what do the different crystals mean? Katia has the answers

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Crystals to keep in your home office

If you're suffering from brain fog: clear quartz

This see-through crystal is great for focus; it helps to clear your mind and assist with attention and memory. It brings clarity of mind and clears confusion so if you have big decisions to make, this crystal is your guy.

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If you're in a creative rut: citrine

Citrine helps with creativity and self-expression. Embrace the crystal when you're stuck for ideas. Citrine

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If you've got a presentation coming up: amethyst

This pretty purple stone is good for confidence, assertiveness and speaking clearly. Pair with citrine if you've got a presentation coming up.

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If you're dealing with workplace negativity: pyrite

If you've got to have a negative conversion with a colleague or deliver less than appealing feedback, you can keep this with you to shield you from negativity and block someone else's negative vibrations coming towards you.

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For achieving long-term career goals: malachite

This green stone one is good for manifesting; put your dreams on a piece of paper and place this on top of it to prevent what's holding you back.

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For self-love and positivity: rose quartz

This prettiest of all the crystals is ideal for emotional uplift and to open your heart for receiving self-love and giving love to others.

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