The new book from the Hemsley sisters that's nourishing for the body, mind and soul

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Driven by their own passion for food and eating well, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley established their family food business, Hemsley + Hemsley in 2010, supplying homemade, healthy and nutrient-rich food to private clients and high profile people within the beauty and wellness industries. The sisterly duo rapidly gained cult-status for their delicious and wholesome dishes and ‘detox’ packages and now have those such as Louis Vuitton, Vogue and the Guardian regularly calling on their cooking expertise.

As their first cookbook, it’s as captivating and mouthwatering as their previous work and contains over 150 recipes that nourish both the body and mind with the aim of leaving you looking and feeling amazing. The book and the sisters' general approach towards cooking is about a re-education of food and taking everything back to basics - meat and two veg with a particular focus on quality and provenance of ingredients. With all the recipes being nutrient-rich, gluten, grain and refined sugar-free, they are designed to pack in the flavour but cut out all the nasties, helping you to reset your body and banish the cravings for good.

Practical as well as stylish the book includes sections on cooking with children, one-pot dishes, frugal feasts and how to get a head start on the week with the ‘Sunday cook-off’. Not to mention there are user-friendly practical tips and tricks throughout, as well as Jasmine and Melissa’s 12 golden rules.

With the Hemsleys you can enjoy a hearty selection of dishes from their take on fried chicken to a pina colada smoothie, which if we’re honest, comes as a refreshing break from the low fat, raw and plant based diets that leave us feeling soulless, uninspired and, well, hungry.

Fresh, fun food at its absolute best, the Glossy Posse have found their new cooking bible and we’re feeling more energised and empowered already. With its beautiful presentation and mouth-watering photography we just can’t wait a minute longer - the kitchen’s calling.

The Art Of Eating Well from Hemsley + Hemsley is available now, RRP £25 on Amazon