The latest bikini wax craze is a little hard to swallow for the Glossy team, Anna Hunter reports...

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While lunching al desko on Thursday, fellow Glossy Judy Johnson and I were innocently perusing our inboxes when a fairly normal looking press release came zooming in from cyberspace. We opened while chowing down and automatically wished that perhaps we hadn’t, as we were confronted with the image of a girl teasing down a pair of barely-there knickers with some pretty funky foliage ‘down there’. I’m sure you’ll agree, not something you would particularly welcome whilst shoving a pie in your face, off guard.

We read in horror as the email went on to rave about the newest intimate waxing infatuation on the street: The Boomerang. According to Australian Bodycare waxing specialist Annette Close, ‘We can only presume that this trend came from down-under’. Gulp. Just in case your vivid and glossy imaginations are failing you after this weekend’s heady choc-fest, here’s a lowdown on the look: ‘The Boomerang is a landing strip that veers off to one side, making it a quirky alternative to the traditional waxing favourite (the Brazilian)’.

Well, side partings are a thing right? So why not side... topiary? Each girl to her own and all that. But it’s weird. Undeniably weird. Judy and I look at one another in alarm. We’ve both stopped eating. Silence.

Then clever Judy spots the embargo on said email. 1st April. We feel sheepish. Gullible. Yet entertained. Those cheeky Aussies, always catching us poms unawares. Let’s hope no one took their pruning  advice seriously, but if any poor soul did happen to make a dash for the waxing salon we’re sure that Australian Bodycare’s antiseptic tea tree aftercare range would come in handy. No one wants an angry boomerang in their pants.