This week Glossip Girl wants to know, is motherhood making us saucy?

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She’s been vocal about many things; scrubs who don’t pay their bills, boyfriends who shoulda put a ring on it and who it is exactly who runs the world, but perhaps the thing that Beyonce has been most forthright about recently is sex.

Specifically, she’s very publicly asserted her sex appeal. If you’ve watched any of the videos on Beyonce’s visual album you’ll know that we see a lot more of Mrs Carter than we ever have before. But it isn’t just Beyonce who’s suddenly all sexed-up; Miranda Kerr, Shakira, Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow have all been acting a little more sexualised than normal. And what one thing do they all have in common? They are all mums…

Beyonce’s sexy reboot is noteworthy because it’s a whole lot more sex appeal than we ever saw before she gave birth in 2012. A year after having Blue Ivy she even said, “Yes, I am a mother. Yes, I am a wife and yes, I can be sexy. Motherhood and marriage can be sexy. Life doesn’t stop when you have a baby or when you say ‘I do’”.

Whatever the reason, of late we’ve seen Beyonce and Jay-Z getting hot and heavy in the back of a limousine in the video for Partition, Miranda Kerr admit that since her split with Orlando Bloom she wants to ‘explore’ both men and women and Kim Kardashian, well, Kim reclined topless on a motorbike while Kanye rapped he wanted to “f*** you hard on the sink”.

Shakira has been nothing short of a sex-pot since giving birth to her son Milan in January last year and Jenna Dewan Tatum hit-up Coachella looking sexier than ever.

Then of course there’s Gwyneth who, before she consciously uncoupled from Chris Martin, told Chelsea Handler that a marital row could be solved if you “go at him with love”, which she clarified meant a blow-job.

The common theme is their apparent need to reclaim themselves post-baby. It used to be about shedding the baby weight and getting back into pre-baby skinny jeans, but now it’s something more. It’s all of those things and being a sexy, or sexier, version of themselves again as opposed to being entirely defined by being a mum.

Beyonce has come under fire for being quite so explicit in some of her videos and indeed her lyrics, but should she and, others like her, be criticised or celebrated? Let us know what you think.