Cheat your way to fuller looking lips with the help of makeup maestro and Max Factor ambassador Caroline Barnes

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Having worked her makeup magic on the faces of Kylie Minogue and Cheryl Cole,  Caroline Barnes  is the expert celebrites turn to when they need to get red carpet ready. Lips are an all important part of any Hollywood-worthy look and here Caroline breaks down how to create a plumping pout in five easy  steps - read the step-by-step and watch the video below.

Step 1: Prime your pout

To create the perfect base for long lasting lipstick you need to remove any excess oil. The easiest way to achieve this is by gently brushing over your lips with a light foundation base - I like to use  Miracle Touch  as it’s a liquid formula which dries to a powder.

Step 2: Line your lips

I prefer to use a natural toned lip liner to create a perfectly balanced lip shape - in the video I used Colour Elixir Lip Liner  in Pink Princess. Doing this prevents the liner appearing on your lips after the lipstick has removed itself. When applying the liner make sure to fill in all of your lips (not just the edges) using the side of the pencil to push the colour into your lips.

Step 3: Apply your perfect shade of the new Colour Intensifying Balm

In the video I am using the shade Refined Rose . This new balm can be applied straight from the bullet onto the lip. The more applications you add the deeper the colour will get. I love how you can enjoy multiple tones of the same shade depending on how you feel.

Step 4: Lighten the outer pout

For sharper definition and contrast to your lip shape, use a small fine brush and highlight the edges with a lighter foundation (I used  Miracle Touch  here again). This will make your lips appear bigger and give a perfect finish to your pout without them looking overly made up.

Step 5: Build the colour

By using a lip brush build up the colour to the depth you’re comfortable with. The brush allows you to apply a deeper concentration of lipstick to your lips making the most of the lipstick shades.

Wondering which shade of the new Colour Intensifying Balm to pick? Caroline has handily made the following suggestions:

For pale skin try Classy Cherry or Luscious Red.

For warm-toned skin try Charming Coral.

For dark skin try Posh Poppy or Exquisite Caramel.

To see Caroline in action check out the video below:

Written in partnership with Max Factor

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