Because he can do amazing things to your face (and body) with his shiny, hi-tech, machines, without the use of any surgical procedures. He’s also great fun, as Kerry Potter discovers

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Sienna Miller, Maya Jama, Hannah Waddingham, Abbey Clancy, Vicky McClure, Lily Allen… it might be quicker to list the British celebrities who aren’t clients of Shane Cooper. Operating from a chic, discreet mews clinic in South Kensington, London, he gets extraordinary results with his bespoke face and body treatments – impossibly gleaming skin, disappearing double chins, noticeably tightened bum cheeks. Just take a look at his Instagram feed. And, believe it or not, none of his procedures are surgical.

How does he do it? The deliciously chatty 34-year-old wields over £100k of top-end beauty devices and tools, offering LED light therapy, radio frequency, HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound), Cool-lifting and much more. And his mastery of them is second to none, a result of years spent fiddling around with beauty gadgets. When he was young, his mum, who loved salon visits, splashed out on a micro-current facial machine to use at home. Cooper was transfixed, learned how to use it, found he had a natural affinity for beauty tools and went from there. One man and his machines.

You don’t have to be a Bafta-winner to be treated by Cooper, by the way: “All of my clients are as important as each other, I would never cancel someone not in the public eye to fit in someone who is,” he says. (He’s worked his magic on my non-A lister face before – I wrote about it for a newspaper.) And while prices are chunky – from £200 for a facial up to £1600 for the 2.5 hour VIP head to toe treatment  – when you compare what he does to the cost of invasive procedures, it’s good value.

I persuaded Cooper to down those tools for a mo to chat about dealing with divas, offers of private jets - and how us civilians can get our glow on at home this summer.

What are your most popular treatments at the moment?

As soon as the sun comes out, people want body treatments. I’ve been investing in new body machines. There’s lots of focus on arms because people are wearing summer dresses, including that area around the front of the arms, the skin around the bra strap area. People want that tightening up. And I’m doing a lot of HIFU to remodel the jawline and neck.

People love the fact that your treatments are non-surgical, don’t they?

Yes, that’s why we have a lot of actors as clients – they need to be able to still move their faces and have expression and laughter lines. Hannah Waddingham is a fantastic client – she looks phenomenal and it’s great to see natural women who look their best. We’ve sold so many of our Oxygenation Masks, £95 (from his own skincare range) because she raves about it in the States and Ted Lasso (the hit football comedy, in which she stars) is huge there.

What’s celebrity skin really like then?

Honestly, it’s no different to the next person’s.

You were a mental health counsellor before you went into beauty – do those skills help you build relationships with clients?

Absolutely. It’s about making people feel comfortable in their skin. Maya Jama was asked in an interview when was the last time she felt at peace and she said, “With Shane, having a treatment”. It’s a safe space, they’ve got no makeup on, they don’t have to worry about performing. I always know when they’re pregnant, who they’re dating, what top secret jobs they’re working on. That trust is built up over years. It’s quite intimate – someone called it skin therapy.

You must have seen some amazing celebrity houses?

I don’t do home visits anymore – everyone comes to my clinic. But when I did, I would go to these incredible spaces, like a penthouse that was once owned by a Beatle, and I’d see incredible art and fabulous interiors. And then afterwards back to my shoebox I’d go! I was once offered to be flown by private jet to Saudi to do treatments but I have too many machines to lug around and I didn’t feel comfortable as a gay guy to go there.

Have you experienced any divas? Do tell…

Hmmm, earlier in my career I worked a lot on the reality TV side and some of those people were challenging. Let’s just say it was difficult with some people’s timing. But a lot of them were very young and life can be chaotic when you’re that age.

What can we do at home to make our skin look its best for summer events?

  • My skincare range is a way of bringing the clinic to you. The Oxygenation Mask is the best-seller – it’s like a facial in a bottle.
  • Keep a cryo ball in the freezer – or even just teaspoons. Put some serum on the face and massage it in with the cryo ball (or spoons). It’s a good way of stimulating lymphatic drainage, especially around the eyes.
  • A gua sha tool works the facial muscles to stimulate blood and collagen, and aid lymphatic drainage. Pop on a headband, put any hydrating skincare on your skin and give it a go – you can find tutorials on YouTube.
  • For your body, start with exfoliation (try one of GTG’s best body scrubs for revealing smoother, softer skin), then massage in a cocoa butter.
  • Don’t forget to take care of your gut health, as this can be reflected in your skin. Make sure you’re drinking 2 litres of water per day, take probiotics – I like Symprove, £39.99 per month – and make sure you’re getting all your vitamins. I have ProGreens, £57.54 for nutritional support.