It's Through the Keyhole meets primetime chat show – we don't think we've ever spent as much time on Instagram Live...

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It's not just gyms and fitness influencers who are making the most of live-streaming  during self-isolation - a whole host of our favourite famous faces are brightening up our days too, using their myriad of talents to bring a smile to our faces during these surreal times.

Some of them are hosting concerts from the comfort of their homes, while others are just making us giggle with their antics and phoning their celebrity mates for a bit of a chat. Plus we're really enjoying seeing all those megastar coffee table nick-nacks, handcrafted kitchens, background family photos, bathroom clutter, garden furniture, dressing gowns, PJs, makeup-free faces, random pets and wandering children.

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Here's our round-up of the celebs doing isolation right and keeping us entertained.

Jessica Alba TikTok beauty videos

Jessica Alba has also used self-isolation to perfect her TikTok game, roping in her daughters Haven and Honor to perform lip sync videos and dance routines too. They also created videos with Jessica's beauty brand Honest - if you can't rope your kids in to promote your brand during self-isolation when can you?

Holly Willougby outfit of the day photos

Holly pointed out that in these trying times it's important to keep a sense of normality going and that's what she's doing with her daily outfit pics. Anyone who follows Holly on Insta will know she posts a photo every day letting us know where her stylish ensembles are from. In the absence of her team, she's now taken to taking selfies of her outfits, still keeping us in the loop despite social distancing.

Chris Martin live stream concert

Coldplay's Chris Martin had to cancel gigs due to coronavirus but to make sure none of his fans missed out on the Coldplay magic he set up an Instagram live stream on Monday evening where he sat at his piano and took requests via Instagram Live of what to play. He ended up singing Viva La Vida and Yellow from the Coldplay archives, as well as a cover of David Bowie's Heroes. The live stream was in partnership with the World Health Organisation and Global Citizen; he nominated John Legend to go next... and the man certainly delivered.

John Legend live stream concert

John Legend took to Instagram in just a robe to perform for his fans for just under an hour. He started with a Stevie Wonder cover and later during his set, Chrissy Teigen joined in, which is always a treat. John nominated Charlie Puth to be the next megastar to do a home concert, who in turn nominated Niall Horan.

Niall Horan live stream concert

One Direction's Niall performed a 35-minute concert, with 27,000 people joining within a few minutes. He played six songs from his two albums and even sang a line from James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go.

Ellen DeGeneres' funny isolation Instagram posts

Isolation or no isolation, Ellen DeGeneres is the queen of cheering us up - you only have to look at her Paws Up Instagram  of unbridled cuteness to see that! Not content with plying us with adorable animal videos, Ellen is also filling our feed with episodes of her Game of Games game show (complete with good old fashioned slime - remember that from Nickelodeon?), and filming phone calls with her celeb friends for our enjoyment. So far she's videod a chat with Michelle Obama (who commented on the vid "Hearing from you made my day! Even when we’re apart, we’ve still got each other"), Courtney Cox and Mario Lopez (remember him from Saved by the Bell?).

JLo's self-isolation Instagram family videos

Clearly missing the a-list service in restaurants, JLo enlisted the help of her son Max to serve her and Alex Rodriguez drinks from his hoverboard, before performing a little dance and then leaping into their pool. We have to say, we probably wouldn't be particularly bored if we lived in Jlo's house. Or in the California sunshine. Just saying.

Frankie Bridge nails TikTok dance videos

Frankie and her husband Wayne have used the isolation time to start a TikTok - and they've got the hang of it pretty quickly, uploading a whole host of dance routine videos.

Millie Bobby Brown beauty tutorial videos

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown used her self-isolation time to make videos talking all things self-care, using her Florence by Mills facemasks - anyone else suddenly in the mood to do a peel-off mask?

Miley Cyrus Instagram series

Never one to do things by halves, Miley Cyrus has been doing a daily morning show called Bright Minded where she invites special guests on to discuss how to stay positive in dark times. So far she's chatted with Demi Lovato, Amy Schumer and Rita Ora.

Dermot Kennedy live stream concert

Not part of the Together at Home concert series, but well worth a mention. Irish singer Dermot Kennedy (and my personal favourite in the world) did a Facebook live video on Sunday night for fans, performing four of his own songs and a Drake cover.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes live stream concert

Speaking of performing covers, this generation's Britney and Justin teamed up for a performance on Instagram Live, dueting on a series of songs including Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me and Shawn's track Lost in Japan, Havana from Camila's debut album and their collaboration Senorita.

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