Giving you the option to shop independently as well as intelligently, Clinique gives you an interactive skin consultation via iPad at Selfridges W1

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Building on its already well-established Service As You Like It model, Clinique has taken things one step further with a unique concept for those who would rather browse alone. You can use one of Clinique's iPads (choose from an impressive 27 of them), and conduct your very own private interactive consultation to identify your skin’s needs. You will then receive a bespoke skin "prescription" with a list of suitable products from Clinique’s huge range.

With 180,000 product combinations available, you’re sure to leave with a very personalised formula for your skin needs, whether wrinkles, pigmentation or acne needs attention or you just need a pick-me-up. With sounds, visuals and Clinique’s trademark clean white counters, this showcases Clinique’s impressive range of skincare products in a new and innovative way.

And with no pushy saleswoman on your shoulder, even the most techno-phobic could be converted.