Alice Olins

Step Up Club co-founder, author and renowned journalist, work your career and love your life with Alice’s top words of work wisdom


About Alice Olins

Co-founder of the Step Up Club, author and renowned journalist, Alice has worked at or written for nearly all of the country’s broadsheets and women’s glossies. She spent a decade at The Times as its Senior Fashion Writer, where she contributed front-page stories as well as big hitting fashion and lifestyle interviews for Times2 and the Saturday Magazine. Then came a stint as Marie Claire’s Fashion Features Director, where she commissioned, wrote and edited a weighty proportion of the magazine and co-founded the new publication Marie Claire Runway.

Today, with two daughters in tow, Alice is Red Magazine’s Fashion Features Director At Large and continues to write across the board on subjects including women’s careers, interiors, culture and style for titles including Grazia, LivingEtc and The Mail. She now joins Get The Gloss with Step Up Club co-founder Phanella Mayall Fine as our monthly 'Brand You' columnists, to write on all things career management, to offer their tried and tested words of work wisdom and provide all the tools needed to help you fly up the career ladder.

Picture credit: Liya Zlotnik