Calgary Avansino

Contributing Editor of Vogue Calgary Avansino is GTG's go-to girl for all things nutrition. Fanatical about health, she shares her secrets on great guides to healthy living with us


About Calgary Avansino

After moving to London 13 years ago, Calgary worked her way up through the highly manicured ranks at Vogue to become executive fashion and digital project director. In early 2013, she left Vogue full time and became contributing editor so she could venture more deeply into the world of wellness.

Growing up in California with a family that valued heathy eating, Calgary says she was inspired to teach her own children about nutrition and wellbeing. Her decision to share her knowledge publicly came through her being asked time and again about what she ate and how she lived. Despite this, Calgary says: 'I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor, I just share my personal stories of trying to live a healthy life, staying fit and cooking wholesome meals for my family.'

Calgary is about to launch her own website (www.calgaryavansino) in an attempt to spread the healthy living mantra to anybody who'll listen.