Catherine Turner

GTG's yoga-obsessive Catherine Turner has been on a spiritual journey a remote ashram in the Himalayas and is now back to share the love with us all. Great news for anyone whose downward dog badly needs some new tricks


About Catherine Turner

Catherine's The Spiritualist column comes out of a decision to quit her job as Beauty & Health Director at Easy Living to head for a remote ashram in the Himalayas earlier this year. Truth is, she's always been a bit of a hippy with an obsession for yoga.

Throughout her 28-year career on glossy mags, including a stint as editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Health & Beauty, her mantra has always been "beauty comes from within". Well of course that is along with the latest Chanel scent and YSL lipstick...

On the journey to connect mind/body she's had her chakras balanced, feet read, warm oil poured on her third eye and studied healing at The College of Psychic Studies. A decade of getting up at dawn to fit in downward dogs and meditation before work finally sent her off to India. Now she's back and has found a spiritual home at GTG, sharing peace, calm and yogi secrets.