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Commercial Assistant

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About India Block

After an early childhood spent frolicking on tropical beaches from Bali to Borneo, the Block family renounced the expat lifestyle and moved back to England. Here, aged 6, India discovered the joy of rifling through her grandmother’s dressing table, much to her mother’s chagrin.

In a household where teen magazines and sparkly nail polish was contraband, the forbidden fruit of beauty became even more enticing. Whilst she generally preferred books to breaking the rules, India counts it as one of her proudest achievements to have mastered winged liquid liner before the age of 14. It’s been her signature look ever since.

An English Literature with History of Art Degree at the University of York provided the perfect cover for dedicating three years to student media. As the elected fashion editor of the paper Nouse, India blagged her way into London Fashion Week and scooped interviews with soon-to-be-famous YouTube beauty stars.

Not content with skipping seminars for internships at Vogue, The Guardian and the Sunday Times Style, she rallied a crack team of style savvy students to launch a campus glossy magazine dedicated to art, fashion and feminist culture. No one is sure how she managed to juggle all that and scrape a First, but there are rumours she borrowed Hermione’s time turner for her third year.

India funded her much-awaited move to the bright lights of London with a brief stint as a PA at Condé Nast (yes, she can spell Gabbana). After spotting a tweet advertising an Editorial Internship at Get The Gloss in a snatched lunch break, she dashed off a hasty but heartfelt cover letter. Now the Commercial Assistant, she gets to indulge her love of potter puns, putting the ‘femme’ in feminism and getting nerdy about the new digital publishing landscape.

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