Kerry Potter

Get The Gloss Contributing Editor

Kerry is Get The Gloss's Contributing Editor specialising in health, fitness and sport. She loves running (but is embarrassingly slow), lifting weights and living vicariously through her children's sporting achievements

About Kerry Potter

Get The Gloss’s Contributing Editor, Kerry joined the team in 2022. She specializes in health, fitness and sport. She is allergic to the more woo-woo end of the wellbeing spectrum though - so she really doesn’t want to hear about your crystal collection, sorry.

A journalist for 25 years, she’s also a contributor to many national newspapers and magazines, including The Mail On Sunday, Sunday Telegraph, Evening Standard and Red. She was previously Deputy Editor of Elle magazine and Associate Editor on ES Magazine. She’s also an Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University, teaching journalism.

Kerry is hugely optimistic about the power of exercise and sport to improve our lives and communities and in 2021 co-wrote a book about this, All To Play For: How Sport Can Reboot Our Future  (Ebury Press, £15.89). It was nominated for a Sunday Times Sports Book Award.

She is currently obsessed with lifting weights – and as a result is stronger in her forties than she was in her twenties. She also plays tennis, runs and does yoga. But she’d far rather talk about the sporting prowess of her two children. One’s a gymnast, the other a footballer so Kerry spends every weekend taxiing them to various sports arenas and pitches all around the country. She’s currently doing an FA training course so she can volunteer as a lineswoman at her son’s matches – and, yes, of course, she understands the offside rule.