Scarlett Curtis

Just 17 but already an award-winning beauty writer who has been published in Tatler, Scarlett is an authority on eyeliner, lipgloss and knitting (yes really, not only chic for grannies)


About Scarlett Curtis

Scarlett Curtis began collecting lipgloss at the age of 11 and six years later her obsession is starting to get embarrassing. Although only 17 Scarlett has written articles on make-up and beauty for Tatler, for which she won a P&G Beauty Journalism award. She also writes about her other passion (knitting) on her blog Teenage Granny.
Scarlett's make-up passions include eyeliner, which she wears much too much of, and nail art, a subject which she thinks should be studied in schools. She will be writing for Get the Gloss while trying to finish her homework. If you spot an essay on The Great Gatsby accidently posted on the site, you know who to blame.