Scarlett Edwards-Jones

Scarlett Edwards-Jones had a fab time in the Sixties and Seventies when she channelled Biba and took her large denim hat on a tour of Mexico. And she survived to tell us all how to live the boho dream


About Scarlett Edwards-Jones

Scarlett Edwards-Jones was born quite a while ago in Poole, Dorset. Daughter of a general and artist, she grew up in Australia and Germany. A true bohemian, she studied ceramics and weaving at Bournville College of Art in Birmingham, made jewellery, channelled Biba, taught yoga and took her large denim hat on a tour of Mexico in the Seventies. She moved to Tuscany in 1989 and lived there for 20 years renovating two houses and eventually opening a bespoke agritourismo. She has four dogs, one husband, three children and currently lives in the Dordogne, where she co-hosts an annual jazz concert and swims 60 lengths a day.