Victoria Woodhall

Editorial Director, Get the Gloss

As well as being our Editorial Director, Victoria has completed her yoga teacher training (twice) but still finds herself running around like a lunatic after her two children, to health and fitness launches. She'd like to be a bit more zen...


About Victoria Woodhall

Victoria Woodhall is Editorial Director of Get The Gloss. She joined the team in 2016 after ten years at the features desk at YOU magazine, Mail on Sunday, during which time she also qualified as a yoga teacher, teaching her stressed-out colleagues. She is author of the book,  Everyone Try Yoga with London's Triyoga centres and aims to make yoga accessible for everyone with her online Rocket Yoga classes. You may also spot her teaching beauty entrepreneur Trinny Woodall twice a week on Instagram

She's on a constant mission to get her two children to eat healthily (financial incentives often work. She recently paid her son 20p to eat a walnut). She loves her standing desk and has finally nailed a daily Vedic meditation practice. She writes about yoga, meditation, hair loss, insomnia, loves a beauty gadget and is an ingredients nerd when it comes to skincare. Follow her on Instagram @victoriawoodhall