The Kardashians have launched their make-up range but their warpaint and its sloppy slogans are just a tad too much, writes Anna Hunter

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Total world domination is almost theirs, and now the omnipresent Kardashian sisters are moving the battleground to our faces. The pre-launch collection of their Khroma Beauty cosmetics line made its European debut this month, with more to come in spring 2013 - allowing us to start the year looking a bit like the Kardashians, and end it as Komplete Kardashian Klones. Kan't wait.

Kurrently (I'll stop now) there are five limited edition products available in Europe to help us to mimic the individual looks of Kim, Kourtney and Khloé. Their looks are almost identical judging by the collection's photo shoots, however we're assured that the three Kardazzle palettes will transform us into our chosen Kardashian - and can also handily be popped into our Kardashian Kollection handbags. Where would we be without them? These three think of everything.

Let's not be ungrateful however; Khroma Beauty was lovingly conceived because, according to the brand's website, 'the sisters wanted to share their access to luxury formulas with their fans'. What’s more, according to revered beauty bloggers Pixiwoo and Fleur de Force, the colour range and pigmentation of the shadows and face powders are actually quite impressive. As is the ever-expanding Kardashian business empire. It's just the way that they go about it...

Take the Mascara Quartet for example. The sisters want to ensure that you have a 'perfect mascara for every occasion' to free you up to 'cry at weddings' and 'wink, blink, bat without a second thought'. So far so thoughtful, but this is about as far as the thought process goes, as two of the said mascaras have been christened 'Whiplash' and 'The Quickie'... because 'sometimes a quickie is all you need'. Classy.

They continue in this vulgar vein, with the blurb for Kim's 'Au Naturel' lip kit stating that all you need to do is 'add a delectably, shiny Nude Color Honey Flavored Gloss and you already look better in the Nude'. They are essentially writing this for me, and not very well considering the ghastly grammar of their product descriptions.

The plastic snakeskin packaging says it all really. There's a hint of something nice in there but the presentation and promotion are cheap, cheap, cheap. Nars Orgasm and Benefit Thrrrob were a bit cheeky; but Khroma Beauty does crude with none of the charm.

Anna Hunter