How to cut a fringe

George Northwood, senior stylist at the Josh Wood Atelier is a master in creating thrown together “I did this at home" hair. Known as a stylist to stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Alexa Chung, here he shows model (and GTG production editor) Emma Bartley how a gringe can soften and modernise long, straight locks. All you need is a comb, some scissors and a willing floppy-haired candidate.

Please note: this is not a look we’d recommend doing on yourself.

The kit
A comb George loves a Headjogc2 Barber Comb, £2.50,
Haircutting scissors George gets his from Joewell,
A round ceramic brush George says "it's all about the ceramic!" From £15,
A strong hairdryer George uses a powerful Parlux 3000, £84.98, from

A great product Redken Powder Grip, £13.10,  to "stop grown-out fringes looking greasy".

The steps
1.  Start by dampening clean hair
2. Divide hair wherever your natural parting falls
3. Create a small V-shaped section of hair at your parting and comb forward
4. Cut an upside-down V into your hair at your nose height
NB: Point-cut into the hair, not straight across
5. Then, pull another section of hair forward, 1cm back from the last one
Again, cut into a V-shape
6. Keep taking the V shape 1cm back at a time until you reach the crown
7. The V shape will get bigger and deeper each time
8. Snip into ends of hair with scissors  - this creates a soft, rather than hard, line
9. Using a round brush and a strong hairdryer, curl your new gringe under
10. Repeat this all the way back to the crown

Music: Heaven from our Version of Events By Emeli Sande. Click  here  to buy.

Film by Ben Vine

Make-up: Louisa Durrant

Location: The Josh Wood Atelier

Compiled and directed by Susannah Taylor

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