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Financial, property or business ghosts haunt you. However they can no longer officially affect you, and perhaps you needed this moment, to put the past in perspective, to assist the future.


Your past, present or potential partner is in focus. Or an enemy. You can’t change the past but you can change your attitude towards the past. And you control your emotions. Nobody else can do it.


Your body, mind and spirit relationship dominates. In astrology you cannot separate one working part (or non-working part) from the rest. And now it’s time to close a chapter from last year, too.


The next generation dominates your horoscope. So do the relationships which bring this younger generation closer. You now have reason to be optimistic about 2015. Despite current realities.


The reality of your home town, homeland or home hits. But that was 2013 and this is the future calling. By now you should have evidence (or hints) that 2015 will be thankfully so different.


Communication will be back to normal in 2015. For now, just focus on all you have overcome in terms of the internet, media, computers, publishing and so on. This is you, coming full circle.


Put past financial, property or business woes to bed. Don’t let them blight the present. Of course the present still has all kinds of very real issues! Yet from Christmas, life lightens and brightens.


You have overcome so much with image issues. Remember that, as you are reminded of late 2012 or 2013. It must seem like light years ago now. Yet, you must put it in context if you possibly can.


Keeping secrets or being invisible has been so hard. If you want total closure on one chapter from last year, though, you may have to take your time and take care. But by 2015 that door can close.


Friends and groups confront you with the past. Your ruler Saturn is here to remind you of the period since late 2012 and all that you have processed. Any stray feelings now help eventual closure later.


Career, university or volunteer roles need thought. You should not write anything or anybody off, even though it brings up tough memories. The past is there to be reinvented, from 2015 onwards.


Foreign faces, places or influences are all too real. You would give anything to have skipped 2013 and perhaps the past still lingers now. Yet, from Christmas the cycle breaks. And you’re winning.