We bring you your daily horoscope as foretold by astrologer Jessica Adams

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Your status and success is underlined. How do you fix the one issue that is never resolved properly, despite all your attempts? The answer lies in an honest discussion with yourself.


Travel, publishing or education are crucial now. For the first time in years, you have an excuse to be so motivated to change, that you actually might. You only have yourself to blame if you don’t.


Money, property, business or charity? This is where the awkward questions about true control rest. The reality is, you cannot say you are in control of your life until you are in control of this as well.


A key man or woman unlocks a question about love, or enmity, or just partnership and equality. You’ve said you would change so often before, and never have, but now you have a reason to.


It’s all about the body today. In fact, your body has become the channel for issues your mind, heart and soul will not face. So look at what shape you are in (or not) and decode what your body says.


Those born 20 years or more after you matter. You may be a parent, prospective parent or not - but this generation calls in big questions about how much you run your own life and pull your strings.


Your people or your place dominate the day. Until you use your willpower to make the one change that would empower you at home, or with family or the household, you’ll never see the full reward.


Does the internet run you, or vice versa? This is a potent question to ask with Pluto your ruler in your zone of communication. Only one thing can transform that. And that one thing is you.


What you own, earn or owe defines your power. Or, perhaps, your lack of power. And the answer to all that is your own willpower. Until you own your potential, you will never see what you might gain.


Your image, profile or name dominates when Pluto is in Capricorn, your own sign, and no matter how many times you return to the same question, it’s necessary to find exactly the right answer.


What others don’t see or know, is an issue. It’s been an issue for years, but nothing has dramatically shifted because you don’t make the change. Yet now there is a good reason to.


Get to the core of a friendship or group. You need to ask yourself all the questions, and nobody else. And the first question should be about your tendency to give your power or control away.