Your star sign predictions for the day as foretold by Jessica Adams

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It’s all about those who come after you, now. That means children, godchildren, young relatives or the next-generation projects that involve you. Push this. You can take it as far as you want now.


Your luck is in with family, property or flatmates. Right time, right place, right opportunity. Plant more seeds, even as you are enjoying the fruit of this current harvest. Use this to set up 2015.


Your way with words or images is your passport. All doors are open to you, if you wish to be heard or read - or just understood - by a larger audience. By a more receptive audience. Do use this.


What you own, earn or owe works for you. Cancer, you could gain or save so much, through cash (or cash in kind). All you have to do is show up. But do use what is there to help you again in 2015.


Enjoy your ‘Me, me, me’ moments now. Jupiter in Leo is making you bigger on the stage of life and it’s been 12 years since you were in such a fantastic position to promote or revamp yourself, Leo.


It’s all about what others do not see, today. What you cover up and hide - or what you do without credit - is now working so beautifully for you. Even things you set up since July are paying off.


Bless your friend - the one inside the group. People power works perfectly for you now and all tribal, team, social or friendship-based karma is solid gold. Use this and build a fantastic 2015.


Success is virtually guaranteed right now. It depends what you did, at work or university, over the last couple of years  or with a voluntary role. Good karma repays good karma, though. Rewards!


Travel, teach, study or publish? It’s all good. Stunning chart patterns help you move on up like Curtis Mayfield. If Europe, the US or Australasia calls, answer. If the internet calls, then answer.


Time for a new financial or property path? Business or charity, even precious possessions, could also be on your mind. You have so much to gain. Keep talking, nodding and smiling. Look forward.


Former, current or potential partners hold jewels. So do enemies and opponents, strangely enough. The glittering prizes are your emotional, spiritual or sexual reward. And you’ve earned it.


Your lifestyle is the repository of all great things. Composed of an intricate mind, body and spirit connection, your working day now holds the richest potential in 12 years. Body as temple? Yes.