Your daily horoscope from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Former, current or potential partners spell timing. Enemies, rivals and opponents too. The discussion is on, and it’s intriguing, but x factors will hold you up or alter the story until October.


Work or health questions will take time. Mercury, the planet of communication, planning and information, is moving backwards for weeks. Try to allow until 25th October for a final story.


The next generation raises questions. Also, perhaps, the relationships which may bring babies or children into your life. No answers are available, in full and final detail, until late October. Plan it.


Your home, family, home town or household is key. Much as you’d like to call paperwork, post, e-mail or discussion settled (in a week or two ) it may go backwards and forwards. Allow for that.


Media, publishing or web priorities must wait. Whatever medium you use for your ‘voice’ you must factor in delays or changes through October. Make allowances for a zig-zag path to final results.


Allow for x factors for weeks with finance, property. This also applies to charity and business. The x factors could be flakey humans, delayed post, transport issues or computer complications.


If it’s about you, then it’s about delays. Also changes and u-turns. Image, name, reputation, branding or appearance discussions are rolling. Yet they will roll backwards for weeks. Allow for it.


Your secret, or your unseen role, is pivotal. The timing is out, though. This discussion with yourself will take you backwards and forwards until October. So allow for u-turns, and watch for errors.


The friendship or group project will stall as Mercury goes retrograde shadow from the 15th of September and life will not be smooth again until late October. Call this Plan A. Have Plan B.


Success and status rest on good timing. The discussion is there, and it’s intriguing, if you wish to climb higher up the ladder of prestige or achievement - yet do allow for delays or changes ahead.


Travel, education and publishing will be delayed. From September 15th through October, what you assume is final now, may not be. Plan accordingly. This also covers internet publishing too.


Allow for complications with your money or property, Business or charity too. Nothing is fixed, finished or final so keep talking and allow for x factors, right into October. Cover all your bases.