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The mist has lifted on your secrets or your uncredited role. Last week was not easy but it was useful. Now for the hard work. It may take a few weeks but you have to trawl through this.


Now you can see a friend or group clearly. You have a job to do, and this time you must go in with a very sharp awareness of boundary-slip. Those boundaries need constant watching, Taurus.


Your career or other role is in sharper focus. Despite an ouch moment last week, you are now in a position to put it to good use, and really rein in aspects of your role or project which slipped away.


Travel, publishing or education needs work. You could add foreigners and the internet to that list. Last week showed you what was what. Now the only solution is firm action. No more floating.


By now your finances should be clearer. Last week’s Full Moon was uncomfortable but it also revealed just how far off track you had drifted. Good! Time to get real, and install some rules.


Former, current or potential partners are underlined. Enemies and rivals too. Instead of watercolours you now have sharp felt-tip pen lines to work with. Keep redrawing the picture.


Your lifestyle can now be reined in. Work, food, drink, drugs, the lot. You were lost in a current it was hard to swim away from, but now you have an anchor and you know where the flags are.


The next generation now seems clearer. The world of babies, children or young adults can be controlled and contained so much more easily, following last week’s uncomfortable moment.


Home, family or household? Work is required. This extends to property investment, your home town or homeland too. You now know where things went off track. So keep on marshalling this.


The internet, the phone, the computer are priorities. So is media, publishing or language. You are now fully updated on what or who was so fuzzy and unclear. And it’s time for some true clarity.


Now you know where you stand financially, with business, your possessions, house, flat or charity. Knowing and doing are two different things, though. So make a list. And a realistic time-frame.


Are you now clearer about your look or name? Matters of image, reputation and appearance sent you all over the place, in all directions, for months. Now, however, it is time to start a new chapter.