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It’s all about your former, current or potential partner.

Restart the conversation with (or about) your former, current or potential partner later. Also your enemies, opponents, rivals. It’s a great time to pursue a first draft. The final draft is November.


Your daily workload and body require planning.

Work and the body are both ruled by Libra in your chart, and now that Mercury (communication, commitment) is backsliding in Libra, do read the fine print on delays/changes and plan for flux.


It’s all about the next generation or lovers who bring it in.

The next generation; the relationships that draw it to you; all is on the radar today. Just remember that your ruler Mercury is sending the radar all over the place, for weeks. Have Plan B, Gemini.


Home and family require strategies.

Please read the fine print on arrangements concerning the house, family, flat, home town, household, homeland as things will change or hit delays. Get it in writing, then have Plan B.


Back up your data, Lioness!

From now through October 25th you are in a great position to toss the conversational ball around in terms of the web, media, publishing, public speaking and so on. But don’t commit. Life is jelly.


Money is a moveable feast now.

Life is a moveable feast in terms of your money, house, business, charity, company, apartment, possessions. Make allowances, read the paperwork ruthlessly and allow for alterations, later.


Your image agenda needs forethought.

If it’s about your look, brand, name, reputation, profile and public personality then it may go backwards, or get stuck - certainly by October. Be savvy and treat this as a work in progress.


If it’s confidential then it’s prone to change.

The secret you cover up; the role you play behind the scenes; the intensely personal and private matter (unknown even to your bestie) - it’s all vulnerable to errors, changes, delays. Be aware.


Your tribe and friend suggest timing is key.

It may be Arsenal or the Tories; it may be Greenpeace or your book group - look at the tribe, and the friends within the tribe, and time this right. Until October 25th life is flakey. Have back-up. Prepare.


Ambition is smart and timing is even smarter.

Success matters to you…the hard-won, long-term kind. Consequently Mercury Retrograde Shadow in your house of success, tells you to be aware of u-turns, obstacles. Be uber flexible.


Travel and foreigners call for Plan B.

You will soon be talking, signing, committing (or accepting the same) in earnest. Travel, the web, foreign people/places, education, publishing are all on your list. Back up copy. Insure. Check!


Finances and property demand flexibility.

Your money, house, apartment, buying/selling agenda, business, company or charity is up for discussion. Signatures or handshake agreements too. Factor in X factors until October 25th.