Your daily horoscope as foretold by astrology expert Jessica Adams

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Career, university or voluntary roles are vital. You have around four weeks to really make a difference to your own destiny. Pick up the reins. They are at your fingertips as they always were.


Your travel, web, education or publishing agenda is vital. Surprise yourself by seeing just how much you can do by October 17th. And then put in some maintenance. Take the controls now.


Run your own financial life from today. You have tried so often before, with your property, money, business interests or possessions. Now you have an unbeatable reason to get this right.


Focus on former, current or potential partners. You now need to actually commit to good intentions that you never stuck with in the past. Real power is available. The key to acquiring it? Will power.


Your body just became twice as important. And you can hit a goal, no matter if you missed it before. The answer lies in setting a brand new priority. One that only recently began to matter.


Youth, the young, or the relationships taking you there? The issue is more important than the actual people or situation. And the issue is about self-control leading to empowerment.


You can run this ship - and the ship is your home. This extends to your home town or homeland too. You have been sent off course so often, but Pluto is in the practical sign of Capricorn. Use it.


You can run your own Communication H.Q. Take a leaf from others who have managed to make the internet, the media, publishing, writing or public speaking work so well for them. It’s worth it.


Turn your finances around in a month. You may be working with precious possessions, freebies, exchanges, property, business interests - or real cash - but all you require is a will of steel.


Run your image and brand, as if it was a brand. You are not Heinz Baked Beans, of course, but you are a commodity on the internet, at the very least, and with work, you can make it work too.


Look at a secret you keep, or an invisible role. You know what you should be doing; you just haven’t done it. Why not? Because although it’s an improvement, it’s a massive change.


Feel in control of your friendships or groups again. A long period of flux is over. There may be one more deep change to come, by October, and a further one in January, but at least make a start.