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Unavoidable financial realities are here. Your money, house, flat, business, possessions or company requires a firm decision about the future, based on what you utterly cannot change.


Enemy or partner? Ex or future soulmate? Rival? Someone who pushes all your buttons has presented an inevitable reminder of a past you cannot alter, yet it helps you plan for tomorrow.


Your body is a testing ground for theories now. What you had to deal with, in recent days, showed you the stark truth. Now you must think hard about what to do in 2015 and beyond.


The next generation, or future parenting? Every Cancerian has a different priority. Now you are dealing with all your yesterdays, as they really were, you must also think about your tomorrows.


Two clanging moments with family have hit home. The last few days has brought up the past and shown you Realities with a capital R, Leo. Now you must put it in context and plan for the future.


Communication in general raises heavy questions. You had one this week, and another last week. Like a clanging bell, something or someone reminded you of the past. Good! Craft a new strategy.


What will you do about money or property? Saturn in Scorpio keeps dragging up the past, but in reality, it is only so that you can think how you might do things very differently, for a better 2015.


You have to work with your ‘Me’ agenda carefully. Fate is an odd thing and the last ten days have asked you to deal with something you tend to ignore. Will you repeat the past or break with it?


Your secrets, or your nameless role, dominate. You may as well make a plan now and see where it takes you by next year. Perhaps it will change. But for now, you need something to stick to, firmly.


A group or friendship issue has not gone away. Instead it has come up one more time, in recent days, accompanied by other strands. Cobble together a strategy even if you lose it later in 2015.


Career, university or volunteering issues are back. You can never run too far from old karma and perhaps the challenge now is to avoid repeating a strategy you used before. But it’s your call.


Travel, education or publishing begs a question. In order to cope with something or someone which clearly demands a strategy, will you head in a new direction? Because it may just work.