Jessica Adams lets us know what the stars have in store for us today

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Transform your image or brand now. Something that seemed so exciting a year or two ago is frankly not moving for you. So change it.


Focus hard on what you cover up. Alternatively, look at what you are never credited for. This is something you could shelve if it hasn’t worked.


A friend or group requires a rethink. You had a friendship or tribe around you 1-2 years ago which was valuable then but stalled. Radical change?


If a career, uni or voluntary plan stalled, lose it. The initial energy has gone because you lost your timing. Use the raw material to reshape it.


Don’t be afraid to jettison 2013 plans. Ditch or transform your trip, book, course, website. Uranus in Aries is all about making it up as you go along.


It’s perfectly fine to reinvent your money. This also applies to possessions, the house, the flat or the business. Don’t hold back from a radical move.


Look at your former, current or potential partner, harder. If something or someone frankly has not worked as it should, why not liberate yourself and make a change?


The focus now is your daily working life. Admit when you must give up on something (or someone) and don’t be afraid to take what worked, and recycle it.


The next generation is calling you now. So is any relationship taking you towards it. When something is stuck or forgotten, it’s time to move on.


Concentrate on your home or family. This includes your household, flat, home town or house. Turn your back on old, stuck plans and visions. Be open to the new, then be excited.


It’s all about communication today. It may be digital or traditional but you must be brave enough to leave behind what/who has failed to deliver. Go for what excites you instead.


Be honest about the money, property or business. The possessions or charity too. You have nothing to lose by approaching others with a far better, radical suggestion.