Your daily horoscope as foretold by expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Time to focus on youth and the young. Also, perhaps, intimate relationships which usher children into your world - or somebody else’s. Let the emotions speak here.


Who plays mother in your family? She/he is key. There is a strong maternal influence showing up with the family or household and it works beautifully.


To be heard and read as you deserve is the promise. Even tiny acorns produce big oak trees later, on the internet or in the real world.


Genuine caring translates into money. Alternatively, this is about cash in kind - so business, possessions, houses or apartments. Just say yes.


At 8.29am the Moon meets Jupiter in your sign. Your image, appearance, brand and profile is massaged beautifully and it’s a great time for your Me agenda.


Shut the door on the world or on public recognition. You have more to gain from lying low or operating unseen. You will see why, within weeks.


Turn to the friend, or the group of friends, who comfort you. A dazzling Moon-Jupiter alignment suggests there is more to this gesture than first appears.


Success comes when you accept an umbrella. In your chosen field, industry or business, the protection and security of a brolly gesture from others, truly helps.


Look across the UK, Europe or more exotic locations for clues. This is where the comfort zone rests today. Big opportunities too.


There is more to your day than money or the material world. A person or organisation you gain so much from, sows a small but important seed.


Your past, present or potential partner is crucial now. So many doors are open and so much is possible it would be churlish to turn against fate.


Your daily workload can turn into a wonderful lifestyle. The missing components of the jigsaw will be there for you, sooner than you think.