Jessica Adams brings you your horoscope for the day

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Your finances will lighten up at Christmas. Possessions, your house or flat - perhaps your charity too - will not be as heavy as it seems now.


Those against you or with you are an equal concern. Former, current or potential partners (and enemies) all require deeper thought. From December, though, you are released.


Work has seldom seemed so much like work to you. Even if you study or volunteer, you are still dealing with the heaviest cycle in 29 years. It’s over in three months.


Which generation inherits your soul’s trademark most? You may be a parent (or not) but there are loaded questions to answer, before you are released in December.


You are redefining home, home town, homeland. Also family or household. It’s all so heavy, Leo. Yet from Christmas life lightens up.


To be heard or read, as you used to be, is a challenge. It may be the internet, your phone, face-to-face communication or the written word - yet light is at the end of the tunnel.


What you earn, own or owe will not trouble you for long. This cycle breaks just before Christmas Day and this is your downhill slope.


Being in your own skin, with your own name, is the challenge. You have made it this far, though, in a notoriously difficult cycle. And you don’t have long to go.


Keeping some things to yourself is very hard work. So is operating behind the scenes. Having jumped this many hurdles, though, you can handle one more before it’s over.


The business of friendship can be so serious. Groups as well. And your social life and social media in particular. Take a deep breath. It will get easier.


Your C.V. has weighed you down for so long now. Is it the role, the industry, the people or the business? In any case you are almost there. Just one more marathon sprint.


Publishing, travel or education call you with a siren song. To avoid going too near the rocks you need to hit on your own hard-won experience and wisdom from 2013.