Your stars for the day from expert astrologer Jessica Adams

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Be cautious with travel, education, publishing. Foreign connections, academia and the internet itself also count. Watch what you are setting up for 2015.


Plan your finances in 2015 now by being strategic. What you are creating for the future requires a watchful eye as you just don’t need the obstacles. Property, business or charity may be involved.


Former, potential or past partners need a steady hand. So does your enemy or rival. Don’t think any impulse action is over and done with. It lingers longer into next year.


Peer into the future of your daily working life. Look at your health and wellbeing if that is an issue. Be a total realist about what you are co-creating now.


Mars squares Neptune and the next generation counts. So do relationships bringing babies, children or young adults into your world. Take your time. Plan ahead.


Take your time with home, family or home town issues. Do not oxygenate something or someone which is too hot to handle. This does not end here.


Be internet and communication savvy now. Even a computer or phone you buy may bring issues next year. Certainly, your life as a writer or speaker needs smart handling with 2015 in mind.


Watch what you are creating with money or property. This includes possessions and charity. Don’t act on impulse, or just react to something off the cuff. Strategise. Look into next year.


If it’s about your look, name or profile, slow down. The more thought you give to the Me Agenda the easier next year will be. And even 2016 as well.


Consider your dark secret or invisible role carefully. What you cover up about yourself or your life, or do without any credit, needs the utmost thought. What scenarios might emerge next year?


Friendships and group commitments need forethought. You could easily let something (or someone) snowball into a fireball. But what would it mean next year? Pre-empt this.


Your mission, position or ambition requires prudence. If you go too fast, too hard, or just react in the heat of the moment, you could be setting up a domino effect for next year. Wait.