Your daily star sign from astrologer Jessica Adams

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Enough career and university limbo, Aries. You are out of the holding zone and from today, you will have what you need, to take control back.


Travel, education or publishing are crucial. So is the internet and all your foreign connections. After months of no action, it’s time to choose.


Focus on the money, property or business. It has been impossible to take the steering wheel but at last it’s time to drive your own life.


Your former, current or potential partner is the issue. Your good intentions about taking charge of your own private life have gone nowhere but this is about to change.


Your body priorities can now move forward.Why? Because Pluto, the planet in charge of your food, drink, exercise,doctors and alternative health also moved forward.


The next generation is your priority now. So is any relationship or project bringing this younger generation closer. After months of limbo, you can hit a green light.


Your family, home, household or home town is key. Pluto moves forward in this zone of your chart now, putting the major issue on the line for you.


The internet and all forms of communication come first. The written or spoken word, online or offline, is about power. And now you must claim it.


What you own, earn or owe is the priority now. You may have felt as if your life was running away without you, yet from today, you can claw back control.


It’s all about you, you, you at the moment. Your name on a label, or on the internet. The way you look and appear. And finally, after months of frustration, you can own this thing.


What others don’t hear, see or know is the priority. An invisible part you play? Or a secret you keep? At last you are in a position to navigate, not just be tugged along.


Look harder at your friend and group. Circumstances have stopped you from being pilot of your own plane, but now you have your cap on again.