Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts today's stars

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Your former, current or potential partner is key. So is your enemy, perhaps. Don’t imagine this is a new era. It’s a first attempt at a new era as October will reveal.


Your relationship with your body is a prime factor. A new beginning is shown in your horoscope, yet it will swing backwards and forwards. Allow for that.


The New Moon points to babies, children or teenagers. The connection is personal, professional or part-time. The journey will be a zig-zag pathway so factor that in.


Your family, home, household or home town is the key. Perhaps your homeland too. Don’t expect this new phase to be straightforward. It will take weeks to iron out.


A fresh start with the internet, media or publishing? Not quite. This is a dress rehearsal, because in the weeks ahead, there will be delays or changes to come. Be wary with computers, phones.


The money, business or property is your priority. A New Moon says a new start, but your ruler Mercury (communication, paperwork) is sliding around. Read the fine print. Have Plan B.


It’s all about your name, face, style and shape now. Also your reputation and brand. Be cautious with printing or digital communication, though, as delays, mistakes or changes may occur soon.


What others don’t see or know about you is the focus. A role you play behind the scenes, or a secret you keep, prompts a fresh start. This will stall or alter, though, so bear that in mind.


Today is about your friend and your network. The friendship and the team, group or social tribe prompts a page-one feeling. This story will be rewritten, though, so factor that in.


Your ambition, mission and position is paramount. Status and success require a fresh page, yet there will be corrections, missing facts and waiting games ahead so be aware.


Travel, education or publishing are important now. So is the internet, academia and foreign linkage. Don’t assume this new beginning is straightforward, though. And do insure, check and back up.


What you own, earn or owe triggers a fresh start. In a perfect world it would be straightforward, yet you must read the fine print on terms, as a delay, alteration or u-turn lies ahead.