Astrologer Jessica Adams predicts your star signs for the day

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Who inherits the legacy of your personality now? Children, godchildren, young relatives? Youth in general? Is there a parenthood-potential relationship? Just say yes, yes, yes to what unfolds.


Your home, family or household offers so much. So does your property investment, home exchange, home town or homeland. Circle one and accelerate. Make this thrive in your life.


It is time to be heard or read in spectacular style. The seeds you planted online, in the media, in publishing or elsewhere are ready to grow. Use who/what fertilises the seeds and go forward.


What you own, earn or owe is turned around now. What works so perfectly in your favour is the timing. Since July, you’ve planted plans. Now those plans can take off, in any direction at all.


Stunning stars for your image, reputation, look unfold. Just say yes to the offer or solution. You also need to embrace new freedom to travel, write, teach, study, publish or teach so differently!


What is hidden or invisible works beautifully for you. The secret. The private concern. The uncredited, unacknowledged part you play. This is where the life enhancement begins.


Your friends and groups offer you so much. Never underestimate people power as it can change your life now. A tribe of friends and social acquaintances is the network that opens big doors.


Your ambition and position is the key to everything. No matter if you want to solve a problem or pursue a massive foothold on the ladder of success, everything is possible; use what comes.


Travel, teach, study, write or publish now. Even the internet is enough. Reach out to Europe, the USA or further afield. This is where the luck is flooding into your life. Seize the day, Sagittarius.


Just say yes to liberating house or flat developments. A relative or household member may be the key. There is tremendous largesse on offer from people or organisations with a lot to offer you.


One person alone, holds a glittering key for you. Turn the lock and go through the doorway into a bigger and better world. Whatever emotion binds you to this person matters less, than the key.


Your lifestyle is about to expand and improve, dramatically. Your work ethic and your dedication to your body (your temple) is all you need. Use what comes, as the week ends, to change your life.